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INSPIRE Grant Opportunity

Just as its' founders Helene and Esther Foellinger consistently encouraged organizations to better serve Allen County, Indiana, the Foellinger Foundation offers this grant opportunity to continue that tradition.


Based on nearly 60 years of experience, we’ve learned that investing in strong leaders is among the most effective long-term uses of Foundation grants. While there are always immediate issues to be met, the future of our community depends on having a pool of energetic, motivated nonprofit leaders who have the ability to think deeply about the issues of the people they serve.

That was true when Helene and Esther Foellinger started the Foundation in 1958. And it is especially true today. Nonprofit leaders must adapt to constant change, manage to do more on limited funds, and confront never-ending demands on their time and resources.

The Foundation offers the Inspire grant to nonprofit organizations to reflect and refresh.

Inspire Grant Opportunity Application

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An Uncommon Approach to Grantmaking


Effective July 1, 2014, grant applications that are missing information or required documents will be returned to the organization and will not be considered in the Foundation's grantmaking decisions.






helene univ of Illinois

The Foellinger family encouraged their daughters to pursue an education, at a time in history when very few when to college. Helene is pictured here at the University of Illinois in 1931.