Taylor University's Summer Clubhouse Program

Foellinger Foundation has announced a $2.6 million grant to provide three-year support to the Summer Clubhouse program. The Taylor University program operates at seven locations and provides programming for youth in K-4th grades that encourages youth development.

Foellinger Foundation and the Summer Clubhouse have similar objectives. The foundation is proud to support the program as it works to:

•    Develop relationship skills and self-confidence in over 600 children
•    Provide opportunities for family involvement
•    Reinforce academic skills throughout the summer

“We are pleased to invest in this program as it expands from six to seven locations to reach more children in need,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation President. “The Summer Clubhouses work to develop personal assets of these children through social interaction, team-based activities and problem solving projects.”

This grant in support of the Summer Clubhouse program is one of Foellinger Foundation’s Signature Grants. To date, the foundation has provided $8.9 million in support of Summer Clubhouses.

Foellinger Foundation Announces One Million Dollar Grant to Allen County Public Library for Summer Learning Program

Foellinger Foundation has announced a $1 million grant to provide three-year support to the Summer Learning Program. The Allen County Public Library (ACPL) program is designed to serve as a bridge between school sessions, maintaining educational skills for all young people who are most at risk, thus preventing the “summer slide.” Research shows that students, who do not engage in learning activities over the summer, slide behind their peers when they reenter school in the fall.    

Foellinger Foundation supports effective organizations that work to strengthen children and families. The Summer Learning Program has made a significant impact by doing this in our community. Some highlights from 2017 include:

•    51,000 hours of reading recorded
•    27,000 children, teens and adults registered for the program
•    16,500 free lunches and snacks were served
•    5,200 participants in Camp Library programs
•    4,868 youth reached by Team Read at 22 sites
•    95% of survey respondents reported their child maintained or increased their reading skills

“The Summer Learning Program creates a community of lifelong learners and encourages family literacy,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation President. “We are proud to support the program as is has become one of Foellinger Foundation’s Signature Grants.”

In addition to reaching young children and families, the Summer Learning Program also employs teens as a part of Team Read. This component offers teens an income, social and soft skills, communication training, financial literacy and many more valuable skills.  

Since 1994, Foellinger Foundation has granted $4.7 million in support of the Summer Learning Program.

Breakthrough Fund Initiative Announced

In 2017, Foellinger Foundation provided $8.1 million in grants to many key community nonprofit organizations. We will continue to support those organizations served by the most adaptive leaders in 2018.

To celebrate its 60th Anniversary, the Foundation has developed several special strategic grant opportunities. One of those is the Breakthrough Fund -- a half-million dollar initiative to support people-focused ideas that create a significant and positive impact on the residents of Allen County. To view a video and learn more, go to our Breakthrough page.

Foellinger Foundation Grants $1 Million to The Rescue Mission

Foellinger Foundation has announced a $1 million grant to provide three-year capital support to Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Ministries. Half of these funds–$500,000–are a matching grant opportunity, to help the organization reach its $17.5 million capital campaign goal.

The organization has created a plan to complete this capital project, operate the new facility and better assist the nearly 2,500 homeless or near-homeless members of our community that The Rescue Mission serves.

“To have Foellinger Foundation provide this gift to The Rescue Mission affirms the excellence and effectiveness of the program and services we offer,” said Rev. Donovan Coley, Sr., CEO and Senior Pastor of The Rescue Mission. “This is very encouraging, as we continue to serve the poor and homeless in Northeast Indiana with more space and dignity as we have outgrown our current location.”

“We have appreciated the diligent work of the Rescue Mission and the effectiveness of its board and staff leadership,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation President.

Foellinger Foundation supports organizations that help Allen County residents increase their self-reliance by moving from dependence to independence and looks forward to seeing the positive impact The Rescue Mission will have on our whole community.

Learn more about The Rescue Mission at www.therescuemission.net.