Foellinger Foundation awards nearly one million dollars to improvement projects

As a part of its 60th anniversary celebration, Foellinger Foundation has approved a total of $999,068 in grants for improvement or replacement of current assets or for the purchase of new assets. All grantees are Allen County 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations that provide direct charitable services to the community.

The Foundation’s grantmaking strategy is built around selecting and strengthening effective organizations. Specifically, the Foundation supports organizations that are mission-driven, well-governed and results-oriented.

The key to this special grant opportunity was focusing on effectiveness. Organizations that received asset improvement grants successfully demonstrated how the project for which funds were sought made the organization more effective.

“Foellinger Foundation emphasizes effectiveness so nonprofit organizations can better serve our community,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foundation President. “This special grant opportunity better positions nonprofits by addressing needs that are often lower priority than programmatic needs, but are none the less crucial to the organization’s effectiveness.”

The Foundation awarded $999,068 to 31 organizations in various asset improvement categories. For a list of grant recipients, click on the news release under News & Noteworthy below.

 Steve hoffman, executive director, brightpoint announcing the release of the economic impact study

Steve hoffman, executive director, brightpoint announcing the release of the economic impact study


Alliance for Human Services releases economic impact study*

Nonprofit human service organizations contribute more than $722 million to the local economy each year, according to research released May 3, 2018 by the Alliance for Human Services, an association of more than 50 nonprofit organizations.

The study also shows that Allen County's human service organizations contribute a total of $372 million in wages each year and hold more than $552 million in assets.

The study examined the direct, indirect, and induced economic impact of 373 human service organizations serving Allen County. Nonprofit hospitals and churches were not included in the study.

"It's clear that our organizations are both impacting lives and the local economy," said Steven Hoffman, executive director of Brightpoint and a board member of the Alliance for Human Services. "This study shows that Allen County's human service nonprofit sector is a vibrant, thriving force in our community that contributes substantially to the economy of Allen County. Human service organizations help thousands of people every year improve their lives, and the economic impact of that work benefits everyone who lives in northeast Indiana."

*The research for this study was funded in part by a grant from the Foellinger Foundation.

Taylor University's Summer Clubhouse Program

Foellinger Foundation has announced a $2.6 million grant to provide three-year support to the Summer Clubhouse program. The Taylor University program operates at seven locations and provides programming for youth in K-4th grades that encourages youth development.

Foellinger Foundation and the Summer Clubhouse have similar objectives. The foundation is proud to support the program as it works to:

•    Develop relationship skills and self-confidence in over 600 children
•    Provide opportunities for family involvement
•    Reinforce academic skills throughout the summer

“We are pleased to invest in this program as it expands from six to seven locations to reach more children in need,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation President. “The Summer Clubhouses work to develop personal assets of these children through social interaction, team-based activities and problem solving projects.”

This grant in support of the Summer Clubhouse program is one of Foellinger Foundation’s Signature Grants. To date, the foundation has provided $8.9 million in support of Summer Clubhouses.