Foellinger Foundation has announced a nearly half-million dollar grant to provide three-years support to the Let’s Grow! early childhood program. Associated Churches’ Let’s Grow! program focuses on churches and childcare centers in urban Fort Wayne neighborhoods, providing support for developmental learning projects, staff training and mentoring workshops.

Foellinger Foundation strategically supports effective organizations. And this program has demonstrated great success by providing:

•    Development and funding of age-appropriate projects serving over 1,300 children
•    Professional development of over 50 directors and staff
•    Project administrations, including coaching and mentoring of providers
•    Workshops involving parents and families

“Communities need to invest in training and education in the childcare field in order to provide high-quality and developmentally focused early learning environments to all children,” said Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation President. Many of the Let’s Grow! childcare centers have attained the Indiana Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System ­– Paths to QUALITY – Level 1 status.

With the most recent grant, Foellinger Foundation has invested nearly $1.25 million in Let’s Grow! since 2011. This program allows children to develop in safe, healthy and nurturing environments.

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