The Barbara Burt Innovative Leader Fund is a unique fund that:

  • Supports nonprofit board members who are pursuing unique learning experiences

  • Encourages innovative thinking to develop "adaptive leadership" skills

  • Promotes exchanges about leadership styles and practices within nonprofit organizations

Board members may:

Apply for individual Funds

Board members may apply to attend conferences, workshops, webinars or other events, traditional or nontraditional, that specifically benefit their organizations.

Attend a Seminar

In addition to providing opportunities for individual experiences, the Barbara Burt Innovative Leader Fund will educate and inspire leaders through valuable leadership seminars.


Next Seminar

Insights into Great Relationships

Session 1:
Board Chair/CEO Partnership
April 25, 2019
Bryan Orander, Speaker

Session 2:
Board Chair/Vice Chair
May 14, 2019
Ruth Purcell Jones, Speaker