2019 Leadership Award

To emphasize the important role of individual board members in the leadership of nonprofit organizations, the Foellinger Foundation Board of Directors established the David A. Bobilya Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Award. The Leadership Award is designed to recognize one current or recently-retired board member who has demonstrated excellence in nonprofit board leadership.

The award, which may be presented annually, will provide an operating grant of $25,000 to the recipient’s nominating organization.


Nonprofit organizations located in and providing direct charitable services to Allen County may nominate an individual who exemplifies at least three of the four areas of effectiveness as established by the Foundation. Following are ways where board members would demonstrate leadership in each area:

  • Strategy Development

  • Board Governance Training

  • Restructuring Board/Committees

  • Strategic Restructuring

  • Merger Evaluation

  • Adding/Ending Programs

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Board Member Recruiting and Orientation

  • Board Succession Planning

  • CEO/ED Succession Planning

  • Organizational Culture/Engagement

  • Key Staff Development

  • CEO/ED Leadership Transition

  • Diversity/Inclusion

  • Strengthening ED/CEO and Board Partnership

  • Development Audit

  • Sustainability Matrix

  • Communications Planning

  • Creation of Social Enterprise

  • Refining Organizational Processes

  • Technology Evaluation/Planning

  • Strengthening Financial Controls/Practices

  • Risk Evaluation/Risk Management

  • Asset Replacement Policy Development

  • Strengthening Program Review and Evaluation Processes

  • Data Tracking/Use

  • Program Research/R&D

  • Advocacy Planning and Strategy

  • Exploring Program Parternships

  • Refining Program Theory

Nominations should explain how the board member has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the organization by significantly contributing toward basic board responsibilities. Nominations should explain the results of this person’s efforts and detail how those results have been institutionalized within the operations of the organization. Nomination summaries should not be vague. They should specifically state what the person did, and how that work continues in the organization.

Eligible organizations include any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Allen County, Indiana providing direct charitable services, that is in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service, and is not a private foundation.

Additional eligibility guidelines:

  • Nonprofit organizations whose sole mission is to advocate for a sectarian purpose are not eligible to nominate a board member since a key component of the award is an operating support grant.

  • Organizations that do not provide direct services to Allen County residents are ineligible for consideration.

  • Organizations that have been in operation in Allen County, Indiana for less than five (5) years are ineligible for consideration.

  • An organization may not nominate the same person more than once in a three-year period. (This does not preclude that person from being nominated by a different, unaffiliated organization during that time-span.)

  • Organizations may nominate one current board member who has served for a minimum of three years or one retired board member who has served for a minimum of three years and has been off the board no longer than one year, effective December 31, 2018. An organization may nominate a recently deceased board member provided that person served on the organization’s board of directors within the prior 12 months.

  • Incomplete nominations are ineligible for consideration.

Required Attachments to Nomination

  • Board List - Names and terms of all members of your organization’s board of directors. (Please list all officers.)

  • 501(c)(3) IRS Letter - A copy of your organization’s current letter from the Internal Revenue Service advising that your organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that your organization is not a private foundation. This letter must include information about the organization’s status under Internal Revenue Code sections 170(b)(1)(A), 501(c) and 509(a). In the event that the name of your organization as expressed in its IRS determination letter has changed, please submit the Secretary of State filings evidencing the name change and state approval.

  • Signed Nomination Form - The nomination form must be signed by both the Executive Director/President and the President/Chairman of the board of directors. If the president/chairman of the board is the person nominated, a signature by another appropriate member of the organization’s executive committee is required. The nomination form must also be signed by the person being nominated to indicate he/she is aware of the nomination and that the Foundation may use his/her name in materials announcing the award process and results. By signing this nomination application, nominee indicates they are not currently serving on the Foellinger Foundation’s board of directors or one of its standing committees.

  • Nominee’s Digital Color Photo - Attach a current color photograph of a head and shoulder pose of the nominee (no more than two years old). It should be a high resolution digital print (300 dots per inch or greater) in front of a plain background. Either attach your nominee’s photograph and submit with your nomination or send it by e-mail to jodi@foellinger.org. You may also send a high quality photograph to us by mail at 520 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. We want to present your nominee in the best possible way, and it is up to the nominating organization to provide a professional photograph suitable for publicity and printed items.

  • Nominee’s Biography/Resume - Attach a biography/resume of the nominee and a list of their dates of service on your board, including terms in officer positions.

Email Nominations and Attachments to:
Terry Stevens terry@foellinger.org

Please include all attachments along with your completed nomination form


Nominations are due Friday, June 7, 2019 by 5:00 pm
Special recognition program for all nominees October 2019

Incomplete Nomination Submissions will not be Considered